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Where Style Meets Comfort

PAJAMA JEANS® is all about looking good unexpectedly stylish and comfortable.  Designed like boot cut jeans with a drawstring, they flatter all body shapes and sizes. 


The European styling with high contrast stitching and fully functioning pockets make them fashionable and on trend.  Features Dormisoft™ fabric, a proprietary blend of cotton and spandex that senses and adjusts to body movements providing ultimate comfort.


• Pink Rivets, symbol of authenticity
• Registered back-pocket stitching design
• Available in 8 sizes from XS to 3XL


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Pajama Jeans Pajama Jeans Pajama Jeans Pajama Jeans Pajama Jeans
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  • Pajama Jeans
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Product Testimonials

"I love my Pajama Jeans! Just because you're busy doesn't mean you can't look sharp! Put your best self out there and wear your PajamaJeans®! ."



"Pajama jeans are seriously my new found love! I can match these jeans with a cute top and wear them at the club and then really come right home and fall asleep in them because of how comfortable they are! They're pj's that are fun, sleek and fashionable. I would wear these every single day if I could!"



"I was concerned that the pajama jeans (like most other jeans) were made for those tall, slim figured women. As soon as I put them on, I was prancing around the house like a little kid on Christmas day! My average height and less than optimal body type was easily covered up by the materials these jeans were made out of."



"The best characteristic of Pajama Jeans is that they are very comfortable. It’s like having a pair of brand new sweat pants that look good and fit well. The Pajama Jeans look like real jeans too. Along the hemline they use the same colored stitching so it makes them look real."