Top 20 Benefits

Free Weekly Lunches
Who says there is no such thing as free lunch?
Hampton Direct offers its employees 52 free lunches each year. One day each week, we gather together and share a catered meal. The menu varies weekly and includes sandwiches, wraps, gourmet, Mexican, Chinese, and occasionally, burgers and dogs hot off the grill.


Profit Sharing
We believe in sharing our success and good fortune with all of our employees.
Once a quarter, Hampton Direct shares with its employees a percentage of its profits. In order to be eligible, an employee has to work the entire quarter but the profit sharing checks are just about everyone’s favorite thing.


Community Events
We believe a business has a responsibility to give back to the community.
Hampton has a multiple of programs that gives back to the community. The Community Action Team (CAT) organizes monthly events where employees work (and get paid) in the community on important causes. We also have ample opportunities where employees can give time, money and leadership to important programs that assist those in need.


Company Events
Those who play together stay together.
HD offers its employees company outings and celebrations once a quarter both at work and outside of work.  Events have included skiing, ball games, parties, art performances and road trips.


In-House Fun Days
We work hard but we never lose sight of the fact that work should be fun!
We like to celebrate those quirky and little known “holidays” such as National Cupcake Day, Make Cut Snowflakes Day, World Kindness Day, and Recess at Work Day.  At the beginning of each year, employees sign up for the event of their choosing and then take the lead on final execution, often with prizes and food!


Bocce, Billiards, Ping Pong and Softball
There’s nothing wrong with some friendly, healthy competition.
Each year, we have friendly competitions playing bocce (summer), billiards (fall), ping pong (winter), and softball (spring and summer). Employees team up for each and take time out of their day to have fun with co-workers.  Successful bocce teams go on to compete in a bocce tournament with other local companies.


On Site Gym and Fit Club
We want to help our employees stay fit and healthy!
All employees have free use of our state of the art fitness gym which includes free weights, ellipticals, treadmills, stair master and a flat screen TV.  All employees have the option to use our game room equipped with our ping pong table, billiards table, foosball table and air hockey table. All employees are invited to be a part of the Hampton Fit Club where fitness goals are made and monitored. 


Summer Hours
The summer is too short in Vermont and weekends are precious to all of us.
Starting the week before Memorial Day and running for 12 consecutive weeks, we transition from our regular schedule to “Summer Hours” which means working a few extra hours Monday - Thursday in order to work only a half day on Friday.  That gives us all a chance to get a jump start on the weekend!


Paid Holidays
We all need time to celebrate the holidays and enjoy time with our loved ones.
All employees get 12 paid company holidays off to celebrate the occasion. The holidays we observe are Good Friday, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (2), Christmas and New Year’s (4) and every employee also has their own birthday off to celebrate in style.


Personal Time Off
We all need time away to recharge, get away and take good care of our homes.
Beginning the month following your first full month of work, full-time employees earn one and a half paid days off each month (18 days each year).  This time is used for to recharge, get away or take good care of your home.  Additionally, on each employee’s anniversary, they earn an additional day for each year of service. 


Health Care
We believe in giving our employees a choice when it comes to health care.
Hampton Direct offers employees a choice of either an HMO or a HSA medical plan. Both plans are competitively priced and Hampton picks up a percentage of the premium rates.


Dental Care
Healthy teeth translate to healthy smiles which we value in our business.
Hampton Direct offers employees a robust dental plan which covers 100% cleanings, 50% of prosthodontics and 60% of restorative care. Hampton picks up 50% of the premium rates. 


Vision Care
One can only eat so many carrots so we offer vision care as well.
Hampton Direct offers employees a vision plan which covers a yearly vision exam, prescription glasses and contact lens care. 


We know it is important to prepare for when we get older and eventually retire.
Hampton Direct offers employees a 401K retirement plan. Hampton matches 50 cents on the dollar up to 4% of employee’s annual salary.


Life Insurance and Short Term Disability
Preparing for the unexpected is never a bad idea so we offer Aflac.

We currently offer a choice of several disability and life insurance options administered through Aflac. The benefits of such a program is that employees can take these benefits with them should they ever leave Hampton Direct.


Product Discounts
We have some amazing stocking stuffers and holiday gifts at reduced prices!
In November each year, Hampton employees are given the opportunity to buy any of our hundreds of products at cost.  This saves a bunch of money and allows us the chance to be more familiar with our products.


Birthday Celebrations
We take our birthday celebrations seriously and celebrate in style!
Once a month at one of our company lunches, we have some special treat to honor all employees whose birthdays take place that month.  Employees take turns choosing, planning and purchasing the birthday treat and are reimbursed for the money they spend.


Recognition Lotto and Tenure Awards
We like to take time to recognize each other and our accomplishments
Every month, employees are encouraged to recognize co-workers’ efforts in writing and these recognitions are read aloud at our monthly staff meetings. Those being recognized receive prizes. We also recognize each annual milestone of tenure with certificates, frames, pins, dinners out and weekend get-aways.


Fresh Vegetables
For those without a garden, there is no need to despair!
Throughout the Vermont growing season, we partner with a local farm and give employees the option to participate in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) where they receive on a weekly basis a share of fresh garden veggies. Mmmm!


Dry Cleaning
We are all so busy but we still want to look sharp!
For convenience, we offer the ease of having clothes we want dry cleaned to be picked up, cleaned, and then dropped off on site which helps us eliminate one more trip in our busy full lives.