What is the best way for me to apply for a job at Hampton Direct?

Hampton Direct prefers online applications.


How do I know that Hampton Direct received my resume?

When you complete your online application, you will receive an email response letting you know that it has been received.


After I receive an email response, when will I get invited for an interview?

While we don't contact every applicant, we do review every resume and we will be sure to contact you if we feel there is a possible fit.


Do I have to reapply for each new job opening?



How do I know if something is still an active opening?

We list all of our open positions on our website and they are only removed when a position has been filled. If a position is listed, it is active.


Does an applicant need to meet all of your requirements to be considered for an opening?

Our postings reflect what we are looking for in an ideal candidate. It is possible that we will not find someone with 100% of what we are seeking, however we still encourage all candidates to apply.


Do you offer paid internships?

We offer paid internships in many of our business areas for college students. Internships can be used to receive academic credit, based on the policy of your school.


More questions?

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